Best Beaches on Nantucket

Best Beaches on Nantucket

Nantucket has 110 miles of breathtaking coastline. Here, the days are filled with fishing, scalloping, and soaking in the exclusive atmosphere, making this island a popular vacation spot for the affluent.

Wander the nostalgic cobblestone streets, admire the gorgeous sea-worn cottages, and feel the history that permeates every corner of this charming community. Nearly everything in Nantucket is within walking or biking distance, creating a quaint, accessible world where the worries of the mainland feel a world away.

Jetties Beach

Jetties Beach is famed for its calm waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming, whether teaching little ones to paddle or just enjoying a peaceful dip. The family-friendly atmosphere is enhanced by a well-equipped playground and tennis courts, ensuring that there's something to keep everyone entertained. The boardwalk provides a scenic walking path.

The opportunity to rent windsurfing and sailing equipment makes it easy to take advantage of the gentle breezes that sweep across the shoreline. Whether you're a novice looking to learn or an experienced sailor, the rental facilities provide all the gear and guidance you need for a day on the water.

Children's Beach

Children's Beach is highly accessible for families with young children. This beach is cherished for its very gentle waves, providing a safe and inviting environment for kids to splash and play under the watchful eyes of their guardians.

The on-site playground is a bustling hub where children can swing, slide, and climb in a secure setting. During the summer months, Children's Beach becomes even more vibrant thanks to a variety of organized activities. These programs are tailored to engage young minds and bodies, from storytelling sessions and sandcastle-building contests to environmental education workshops that teach children about the local ecosystem.

Picnic tables and benches dot the landscape, allowing families to enjoy snacks or a leisurely lunch with a sea view. Restroom facilities are conveniently located, ensuring that long days at the beach are hassle-free.

Cisco Beach

Cisco Beach is renowned among the surfing community for its excellent waves and more rugged natural environment, making it a favorite for those looking to ride the surf. Positioned away from the more frequented family beaches, Cisco offers a less crowded alternative where the rolling waves provide the perfect challenge for surf enthusiasts.

The beach is a prime location for various water sports. Windsurfing and kite surfing are common sights, as the same breezes that help shape its perfect waves also make for ideal conditions for these activities. Visitors here are often treated to an impromptu display of aquatic acrobatics from seasoned surfers and watersport fans.

Despite its popularity among sports enthusiasts, Cisco maintains a quieter vibe than more central beaches. This quieter character is a big draw for those looking to escape the busier spots on Nantucket. The beach is more exposed and less sheltered than others on the island, which enhances its conditions for surfing but also means that visitors should come prepared for less protection from the elements.

Sconset Beach

Sconset Beach, located on the eastern edge of Nantucket in the quaint village of Siasconset, offers a peaceful alternative to the island's busier westward shores. This beach is celebrated for its dramatic views of the Atlantic, providing a picturesque backdrop that captivates photographers.

The tranquil atmosphere at Sconset Beach is a significant draw. The quieter vibe is conducive to uninterrupted beach days where one can relax, read, or enjoy the scenic beauty. The sound of the waves and the sea breeze complement the serene environment, making it a favored spot for those seeking solitude or a romantic stroll.

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach, located on the southern coast of Nantucket, is distinguished by its strong waves and expansive sandy terrain, making it a prime location for a variety of beach activities. The wide beach is ideal for picnics, with plenty of room to spread out a blanket and enjoy a meal with the sound of the ocean. It is also popular for beach games like volleyball and frisbee, attracting groups looking for fun under the sun.

The robust waves at Surfside make it an excellent place for body surfing and boogie boarding, offering thrilling experiences for water sports enthusiasts. The beach's consistent conditions allow beginners and experienced individuals to enjoy the surf.

Amenities at Surfside Beach cater to the needs of all visitors, making it easy to spend an entire day by the sea. Conveniently located food stands offer a variety of snacks and refreshments, perfect for refueling after active pursuits. Additionally, well-maintained restroom facilities ensure comfort for all beachgoers, enhancing the overall experience.

Madaket Beach

Madaket Beach, positioned on the westernmost tip of Nantucket, is celebrated for its spectacular sunsets that paint the sky in deep orange and crimson hues. This more remote location offers a tranquil escape from the more populated beaches, providing a sense of solitude amidst a natural setting.

The landscape around Madaket Beach retains a wilder, untouched look, appealing to those who prefer a beach experience closer to nature. The area's flora and fauna are typical of a coastal ecosystem, with dune grass swaying in the wind and seabirds frequently seen gliding overhead.

The surf at Madaket can be strong, making it a suitable spot for experienced swimmers and those looking for more challenging water activities. Visitors should be mindful of the conditions, as the powerful waves and currents reflect the untamed nature of the ocean here.

Great Point Beach

Great Point Beach is within the pristine expanses of the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and is one of Nantucket's most secluded shorelines. This remote beach is accessible only by 4x4 vehicles, which helps preserve its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty. The journey to Great Point Beach is as much a part of the experience as the destination itself, offering adventurous beachgoers a chance to traverse rugged landscapes and spot local wildlife along the way.

The beach's location within the wildlife refuge ensures that it remains an undisturbed habitat for various species, making it a fascinating spot for nature enthusiasts. The lack of nearby development and the remote setting are ideal for those looking to escape the crowded tourist spots and enjoy a quieter beach day.

Fishing off the point is a popular activity here, with anglers often catching sight of striped bass and bluefish. The area's waters are rich with marine life, providing both a challenge for experienced fishermen and an exciting opportunity for those new to the sport.

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